Abigail Betz Bridal 2016 – It’s a Revolution

betz_bridal-wardrobe_-3The newly fashioned, uncomplicated and effortless bridal wear collection presented by Abigail Betz and Bridal Wardrobe presents a modern take on stereotypical bridal wear. In fluid, light and transparent fabrics, it offers the contemporary bride a world of possibility and variety.

Together Abigail Betz and Bridal Wardrobe are revolutionising the bridal industry, making high-end designer wedding gowns accessible to all. The new Abigail Betz ready-to-wear bridal collection, exclusively available to Bridal Wardrobe, is a premium label available at sensible price points.

The classic collection provides a workable variety of delicate separates, where layering is key to creating a unique look for each bride. It consists of classic cut base gowns, to be worn with ethereal, floating lace and transparent silk over skirts and delicately and finely crafted silk and lace tops, mixed with exquisite, vintage inspired pure silk camisoles.

Each piece can be worn under, over or together with another precious piece, or quite simply on its own. The look for the 2016 collection is fine and fragile which is synonymous with the Abigail Betz signature. Each fine piece, complemented with carefully designed hair accessories of real flowers plated in rose gold or vintage silver, can be packed away and stored as heirlooms for future generations or altered and added to the bride’s wardrobe after her special day.

After nearly 20 years’ designing and manufacturing for the high-end bridal couture sector, Abigail Betz is extending her line of bridal wear into the commercial bridal wear market, targeting a middle-of-the-road and price-sensitive market.

“The bridal industry as we know it has changed. Brides want more, demand more. The modern bride expects perfection, excellent service and attention to detail in a beautiful environment where people really care and can offer her the best deal possible. I believe Abigail Betz and Bridal Wardrobe can offer the modern bride, who wishes to buy off the peg, everything she desires and more and I am very proud to be associated with this exclusive retailer. Gone are the days where premium brands carry premium price tags, where silk and lace are only for a select few, and where creating a completely unique look for your wedding day comes at a high price. Now every bride, regardless of her budget, can wear a designer gown on her wedding day. Isn’t that wonderful news?” explains Abigail Betz, designer and owner of Abigail Betz.

Abigail Betz and Bridal Wardrobe invite you to be part of the revolution – to rebel against conformity and to rise up and celebrate your very unique style and love for all things fine, precious and rare.

The new Abigail Betz bridal wear collection is available exclusively to Bridal Wardrobe stores in Pretoria, Lynnwood Bridge and Johannesburg, Melrose Arch from end July 2016.

Click here to view the collection, or visit www.bridalwardrobe.co.za


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